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Dedicated NVMe Server

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Add Dedicated NVMe Server

$408.00 / MONTH


Processor (CPU) * Monthly Setup
300.00 0.00
RAM Installed * Monthly Setup
Some processors have a limit to the amount of memory (RAM) they support. In the event you choose one that does not support the memory you have selected, one of our technicians will contact you to discuss how we may best get your system up and running.
0.00 0.00
200.00 0.00
Chassis Type Monthly Setup
Chassis Type
0.00 0.00
80.00 0.00

Operating System

Do You Need Plesk? We currently offer the Plesk and cPanel Control Panels. If this is your first dedicated server or if you do not have a server administrator to help you run your new dedicated server, we highly recommend a Control Panel.

Plesk and cPanel are only available on CentOS.
Operating System * Monthly Setup
Operating System
20.00 0.00
0.00 0.00
0.00 0.00
0.00 0.00
20.00 0.00

Control Panel

Choose a Control Panel for managing your server. These options are dependent on your choice of OS above.
Control Panel Type *

Hard Drive Configuration

We have a wide range of storage options available for your server. What do you need? Fault-tolerant RAID for a critical system? Lightning-fast Solid State Drives? Custom partitioning schemes? We've got you covered.
Disk 1 Size * Monthly Setup
100.00 0.00
Custom Partitioning * Monthly Setup

If you require partitioning different than our defaults below, please select "Yes" to this category and provide that now.

Default Linux Partitioning: swap = 4GB; / = remainder of disk space.

Default Windows Partitioning: C: = entire disk space.

0.00 25.00
0.00 0.00
Include any customization or requested upgrades for this server. For instance, would you like to place this server behind a firewall? Load-balanced? On a private VLAN or VPN? Note: Additional charges may apply.


All of our bandwidth plans are burstable up to the speed of the connected port (10/100/1000 Mbps).
Servers come with a default bandwidth plan. When available you can upgrade to other plans.
Port Speed * Monthly Setup
Uplink Speed
0.00 0.00
20.00 0.00
Bandwidth Plan * Monthly Setup
0.00 0.00
200.00 0.00
400.00 0.00
800.00 0.00
Bandwidth Contact Language *
Bandwidth Contact Language

KVM over IP Access

This awesome feature provides remote Keyboard-Video-Mouse access to your server for complete hardware control, including reboots - even if the server is powered off.

The control console provides extensive hardware monitoring, diagnostics, even the ability to remotely load ISOs from your local PC, all with advanced security features to prevent unauthorized access.

This includes a secondary NIC with a dedicated switch port and IP address for KVM access.

Remote KVM Access * Monthly Setup
The KVM console is accessed from the reboot button in your server list.
0.00 0.00
20.00 0.00

Simple Monitoring

Simple ping and remote access monitoring can be added to your server at no additional cost.
Included Monitoring *
Ping = Ping monitoring ONLY Remote Access = Ping and remote access (ssh for Linux and RDP for Windows)

Advanced Server Configuration (Optional)

Advanced Server Configuration (Optional)
Firewall Protection * Monthly Setup
If set to YES, the server will be placed behind a shared hardware Firewall. Please modify the ports you want open through the Firewall.
0.00 0.00
80.00 0.00
Firewall Configuration Details
Number of NICs * Monthly Setup
Order an additional Network Interface Card if you plan to use the server in a cluster or have specific connectivity needs. Each NIC will be connected to a separate switch port. Note: extra IP addresses for additional NICs are available for an extra charge. Contact sales for additional options including GigE and 10GigE.
0.00 0.00
20.00 0.00
Private Cluster

Please do NOT push buttons more than once.